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Slide Sail Shelter 256(260)x500cm (antraciet, item 5205 )

The special structure of our Slide Sail Shelters (or Shade Curtains) ensures that virtually all harmful UV radiation is blocked, so it protects your skin and health. These Shade Curtains are not only nice to look at, but very helpful as well. They provide cooling and shade at the place where you want it. The Shade Curtains can be open and closed, and are very easy to use. We also offer a [3 year warranty] on all our Slide Sails! Color: [Silver/Grey] This Slide Sail is also available in the colors [Sand/Beige, Ivory White and Brown] Size: [256(260)cmx500cm] The size of the Slide Sails in this category is 2.56(260)x5 meters. The effective length (in wave mode) is about 4 meters. The following products are available as extra options: [- An Assembly Kit (Z 100% Stainless Steel)] [- A Pulley Set] [- A set of Aluminum Rods for extra support (33 pcs. x 100cm)]    note details: rod set must be shortened to size 250cm 

You need all of this for a complete shade curtain size 3x5 meters.
The curtain itself, the attachment materials item 7550.
The divisible rod set item 8833 and the open and closed system item 7511.

Slide Sail Shelter 256(260)x500cm (antraciet, item 5205 )
  • Slide Sail Shelter 256(260)x500cm (antraciet, item 5205 )
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